Friday, 24 December 2010

A bit like the Queen's speech

... But with less corgi's.

Well it's been an interesting year for me - ups, downs, plenty of illness in the last 3 months of various sorts. My work has kept me busy, my mortgage payments were reduced by a third, two good friends of mine (I guess thats 4 friends?) have got married... Our lives continue apace.

Oh, and after 5 years I've become unexpectedly single, with complications of course.

Boy am I looking forward to next year! I'll be single (now) and free by April. I'm seeing it as a year of self made opportunities - plenty of gaming, plenty of time to catch up with people, plenty of new years resolutions - some of which I'm pretty sure I can keep!

So, before I share my whole life story, I think I'll finish here and wish all my readers

a Very Merry Christmas!

Eat well, enjoy the company of friends and Family, and have fun!

Merry Christmas, happy new year, and Dice Gods bless us, everyone!