Friday, 26 February 2010

Sepia tinted

Two jobs done this lunch time, neither of which are particularly interesting I'm afraid, but both kind of important, particularly for the following steps (next week).

First paint all the robes with a medium layer of Gryphonne Sepia:

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Just tones down the brightness of the bone and adds a little bit of depth. I may go back later and add another thinned coat to further puch the folds 'back' a bit more.

Second job, is going over everything that should be metal with black. It's a pain, but for me very important. I'm not the most careful painter, or the tidiest - because of the green 'wetbrush' and general mistakes, quite a bit of green made it onto pistols and grills and such. Get them black again, and boltgun metal will look alot cleaner.

Burn out

Well, maybe burnout isn't the right phrase...

I don't get to do much gaming these days, time passes, work and responsibilites intrude on the day. Oh, and then theres that damn inconvenient 'sleep' that takes up a majority of the non work 24 hours.

That means I get most of my 40k fix from reading forums and blogs, battle reps, tactical discussions, army lists and the strange politics of the warhammer biased interweb.

I'm full. I'm gorged on gaming by proxy. I have no interest in other people's 40k anymore. I don't think I've learned everything I can, I know I haven't memorised the rules and point cost of every race like I used to, and my interest in the game is still very much there.

I just need to digest all this wholesome games workshop food, and rather than sleep and excersize, I need to game.

Unfortunatly, I don't know when I'm going to be able to do that. I guess until a really tasty looking desert comes along (DA update? New DE codex? "Just a whaffer thin slice of ham sir?") I'll be staring at the menu with a glazed expression, and thinking that none of this really interests me.

P.S. Did I take the food = 40k thing too far?!

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Stalled a bit due to lack of any of the paints I need to continue here at work, so I'm building a couple more grunts. Everybody needs more grunts right?
Do you ever have the problem of trying to make slightly more intersting marine poses, without taking a knife to any limbs? Oh, and also not look too rediculous...

Still want to do something wth arms on the right-hand grunt - gun out straight in one hand for example.

The next stage in the painting plan is some Badas-... Badab black ink in the crevasses - it just adds a bit more depth, and (at least in RL) makes the green pop a bit more.

Now I've just got to remember to stick gryphone sepia, boltgun metal and some reds in my bag tonight.