Friday, 26 February 2010

Sepia tinted

Two jobs done this lunch time, neither of which are particularly interesting I'm afraid, but both kind of important, particularly for the following steps (next week).

First paint all the robes with a medium layer of Gryphonne Sepia:

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Just tones down the brightness of the bone and adds a little bit of depth. I may go back later and add another thinned coat to further puch the folds 'back' a bit more.

Second job, is going over everything that should be metal with black. It's a pain, but for me very important. I'm not the most careful painter, or the tidiest - because of the green 'wetbrush' and general mistakes, quite a bit of green made it onto pistols and grills and such. Get them black again, and boltgun metal will look alot cleaner.

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