Tuesday, 15 December 2009

What people have to go through in the modern age

I'm going to add this link


Please check it out, and support this guy if you can. I've only had to fly into the states once, and the guy behind the desk was itching to find a problem. These border guards seem to have needed to scratch.

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Today (granted I may be behind many others) I found out something absolutly incredible.

A four letter word.

The first movie to be largely CGI based.

It's back


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Meanie Greenies

Ok, so Farmer_G, this is how you paint your dudes...
1) Paint it black, as per the previous post.

2) Paint it green - Orkhide shade foundation paint on all the green bits.
3) More green - Dark Angel green, liberally 'wet brushed' over all the raised parts.

For anyone watching, I call this technique wet brushing:

Take a tatty brush (oddly, cheap plastic fibre brushes for kids work best) dip very lightly into paint, and then wipe a little bit off onto your mixing pallet/ CD - see it more as evenly distributing the paint over the bristles, rather that actually removing much paint.
Then vigerously run the brush over the raised parts of your mini. Back in the day when I wanted to churn out my Dark Angels as quickly as possible, I did this straight over black. The benefit was speed and vague differentiation of raised vs deep parts. The downside (I see now) is that they're not really fit for public viewing!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Get yer paint on!

Today I managed to get some paint on! Ok, for the majority of the toy soldier world of ours, this isn't exactly something to get worked up about.

For myself however, for various reasons, I haven't been able to change the 'Mostly been painting' box on the left for... Well, since I started this blogging shindig.

Today however, for 20 minutes between eating and *ahem* working, I was in heaven, undercoating (yes, even undercoating is joyworthy) some dark angel dudes. The feel of fresh plastic, the couple of minutes of shaking the Chaos Black, the dip and ooooh the feel of getting some paint into the deepest crevices...

It felt so good.

You have no idea.

Guess I'd better show you a pic of what I've got here:

Thats a freebe blotter on my desk at work. And this is where they live when its not my lunch break:

I got the idea from another blog, I can't remember which - sorry! And it finally became feasable when I got my own office - having moved from a group office where people get inquisitive.

So a couple of days a week, I'll be able to slowly paint up some vets / second comand squad, and the dozen or so grunts I need to finish off the immediate plans for the green wing section of the army.

Hopefully more to follow, if nothing else I want to keep this a record of the paint scheme I worked out several months ago!