Saturday, 18 June 2011

Considerably geekier than thou

Is it wrong that I gained a decent amount of glee in the look on the GW manager's face when I asnwered his standard series of greeting questions?
"So what are you working on?"

"Sons of Malice"
"Midwar British"
"Late war Fallschirmjager"

*rabbit in headlights*

As an aside, and probably of more, if repeated, relevence... In GW Gloucester they had a display of their new fangled 'Fine cast' examples, glued together.
He said that he hadn't seen any miscasts in his purchases, I should have asked how many returns he'd had.
Anyway, these examples were covered in mould lines. Granted, many of them were surface joins, but some of them were those annoying shifted mould type, where you have to work hard to join the sides together without buggering the detail.

These are supposed to be brand new moulds! They're already wearing out. Doesn't bode well in my mind for the near future.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A gaming setup to aspire to

To anyone who doesn't know the famous speech, it was my vague hint that I'm getting into Flames of War. So much so, that I'm booked into the Devizes Distrct Wargames Group's annual show Attack!
There's a 1750 point North Africa / Eastern Front tournament over the weekend, and I'll be taking... Ok, should put that in a seperate post with some pictures and stuff. And on to what I actually wanted to share with you...

Anyway, I was looking around for articles, hints, battle reps, *twitch* scenery, when I found this breath-taking gaming room over at Greenstuff and Brass with some Guts behind it.