Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Thanks for all the fish, guys

It sounds like recent times have taken their toll on Spencer and co 40K radio is no more.

I've enjoyed every episode - the humour and comradery they squeezed down the interweb tubes with generally good 40k advice, news and tips kept me company through many a working hour. I'm sorry to see it end.

They were the first GW game podcast, and I think all the current podcasts have 40K Radio to thank for their pioneering work.

The linked post above does mention that 40k radio as a business is for sale, so it it's possible that this isn't the end, with new presenters and ideas to carry on the torch.

Thanks to Spencer, Phill, Scott, Chipley and Jarjar. I hope you carry on gaming and having fun.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

This would make an excellent screensaver

I followed a link through to WikipediaVision, sat enthralled for a couple of minutes and thought it would make an excellent screensaver. I used to love watching my old pc hunting aliens on the old SETI program.

Whatever happened to SETI? Can you still get the screensaver?

Apparently yes!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bandwagon Part Deux

Several months ago, I briefly discussed the Wolf train (wagon) and The Hunt. Nothing came of it, as I decided to get on with getting the Dark Angels up to scratch.

Now I've come over all Red! Before I loathe myself too much:

1) I've owned the 2nd Ed Angels of Darkness since I started playing 40k, and the Darks and Bloods have always kind of sat together

2) I already own enough Jump Pack marines to make a small (1K) BA army with mimum purchases. Just need some Vanguard Vets, a librarian and maybe 2 Sang priests, plus some remodelling.

3) I was looking at using these Assault marines with the Darktimes*

4) The speed I paint, by the time I feel like playing them the bandwagon will have moved onto Inquisition and Dark Eldar!

So I was thinking:

Librarian 125
Jump pack, Sword, Lance

Honour Guard 195
3 Meltagun

Sanguinary Priest 90
Jump Pack, Infernus Pistol

Sanguinary Priest 90
Jump Pack, Infernus Pistol

Blood Angels Assault Squad 235
10, Power Fist, 2 Melta Guns

Blood Angels Assault Squad 235
10, Power Fist, 2 Melta Guns

Vanguard Veteran Squad 200**
5, Stormshield, powerfist.

I've got a bunch of power fists knocking around, I've got this excellent conversion from flamer to meltagun method I'm planning to use - and if they all look the same I can call it Baal pattern!

So I've got some test tac marines to try different reds that I'll plaster over while painting other stuff.

*4th Edition BA pdf gold... en rain.

** Yes, yes I know, thats more than 1000pts, but you gotta have some choice!