Thursday, 13 August 2009

Farmer Geddon's Forces

The games I alluded to in the first post fall into 3 categories. The first is Games Workshop miniature games. I've been playing, collecting and occasionally painting since approximatly 1992, when I started Man'O'War (yes, I'm sure you've heard of it!) I've... Accrued many many mini's from many many armies over the last 17 years. Here's a list of what I have in cases (ready to play) and in boxes (unbuilt and and playable)...

Bloodbowl: Dark Elves (Nagaroth Nightmares, 1994), Humans (Nuln Blackhands 2005), Custom Northmen (part built 2001)

Necromunda: Escher (2003)

Warhammer 40,000:

Eldar - 2500ish playable, 2500 in boxes. Started 1995ish.
Dark Angels - 4000ish playable, 2000 in boxes. Started 2000.
Imperial Guard (Preatorians/Cadians) - 1500ish playable, 1500 in boxes. Started 2002.
Chaos spacemarines(custom) - 1000ish in boxes, started 2003.
Orks (speed freeks) - 2000ish in boxes, started 2005.
Tau - 1500ish playable, 1000 in boxes. Started 2008.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle:

Gobblins (No Orcs!) - 2000ish playable, 1000 in boxes, started 2000.
Dogs of War (still a legal army!) - 1500ish playable, 1000 in boxes. Started 2001.
Wood Elves - 1500ish playble, 1000 in boxes, started 2005.
Empire - 0 playable, 2000 in boxes, started 2006.
High Elves - 0 playable, 2000 in boxes, started 2007.

Over time I hope to throw some posts and pictures for each force...

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