Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Trapped in Brussels

Last friday I got stuck in Brussels airport. Travel often enough, and it's inevitable that you'll see that frustrating flashing red next to your departure on the little screen.
For the first time, I was warned that there was a delay,
Last friday, the good men and women of Brussels airport traffic control tower had a two hour strike, 6 to 8 pm. The check in desk predicted we'd be away by 8.15 (I nodded with certainty that we wouldn't be leaving at 8.15).
We finally set out at 10.30pm. I got home 12.30 in the morning, three and a half hours late.

Granted, the details of my trip and personal inconvenience are relatively minor.
It did get me thinking though, as I sat in the pergatory of Brussels airport, what inconvenience are the air traffic controllers experiencing that they feel the need to strike?

What is their grievance to stop thousands of people from going home?

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