Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Time for another painting update

All the details of painting a Dark Angel can get me down - so may colours, so many details to think of how to paint moan moan drone moan....
Ok, today's summary of the last couple of hours painting (over the last couple of weeks):
Added Devlan mud to the 'stony' bits, highlighted the red with a 50:50 red gore and blood red, and started the leathery bits (packs/drapes etc) with vermin fur (do they even still make it?).
Oh, and made the eyes blood red over mechrite red, now they glow nicely, but I'm not sure how to make them a bit more like eye lenses. Got to try dark/mid/light/white spot method I guess.

Also, 2 pictures, same dudes, a couple of minutes apart with 2 different cameras.

1) 5MP camera on an old N95 8G

2) 5MP camera on a shiny new HTC HD2

I've got a bit of fidling to do to get it right I think, but the new phone has slightly lower picture quality. Shame really, cos otherwise its shiny and new and big. I like it, can you tell?

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