Friday, 30 July 2010

Points to me

I've been painting. Lots. More than I have in several years I think, and I'm fed up at work, so I'm adding up my painting points.

4 Tanks = 40
2 Skimmers (monstous creatures) = 10
5 Large Infantry = 10
16 Infantry = 16
44 Infantry finishing touches and bases (0.5pt) = 22

98 Points! That almost makes up for last years painting fail.

And more importantly, I now have a fully painted (ok, so I want to add some highlights and a few details to really finish) up to scratch, 2000pt army. I've got about 500 points of extra unused stuff (some kroot riders, a devilsfish, another crisis suit that'll be painted in chicken colours [don't ask], and a dozen assorted infantry). But that can all wait as I'm properly burnt out on painting!

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