Thursday, 29 July 2010

Spoils of War

As someone may have noticed I've been quiet for the last month or so*.

I've been feverishly preparing for Bristol Vanguard's Spoils of War 3/2010.

It's a 1000/1500/2000 pt campaign driven weekend, and looking at my armies, I balanced effectivness (I still want to win, even if its fluffy), how much I needed to paint (I may have chosen poorly), and how little I needed to buy to get the army up to scratch (Zero, zilch, win!).

So, my options were Dark Angels (any flavour), Eldar, or Tau.

Deathwing, I'm just not comfortable with in a multigame situation where I want to win.
Ravenwing - too much to paint, and see above
Greenwing - I hate painting rhino's & predators, and I thought there was just too much to paint.

Eldar - I'm not happy with the paint job on too much of the army, even though I own everything I need**. Also completly unpractised on using biker councils, and with the potential prolliferation of counter psykers out there, the army can fall apart.

Tau - quite alot to paint, potentially effective if I'm awake, and I own everything.

Tau it is then!

To follow: lists, painting and hopefully battle reps and reviews afterwards!

* Yeah I know, I've never posted that often, and it's not like anyone reads this. *echo* *echo* *echo*
**Probably twice over!

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