Thursday, 23 September 2010


Ok, time for the next in my exclusive range of luxery painting how-to's...

As discussed, slap a second coat of skull white on the quarters; it should be fairly white at this point but by no means perfect. I'll tell you that these guys have been in action and their armour's covered in lots of small marks and scratches... I'll be thinking I'm lazy and want to get these guys on the table as soon as my honour will let me!

This lunchtime's paint session rewarded me with a layer of Badass black. For some reason the pot I've got is alot lighter and a bit browner than the first pot I bought. Great consistancy there GDubs. I think I've got the balance right - you need to slap on enough to go in every crease, crook and cranny, and then take off any puddles sitting on raised areas. I tried watering it down but then there's not enough definition. So if for some reason you're actually following this for tips - ummm... Give it a go any see what I mean?

I don't like using the flash, but it really shows you where the ink's sitting.


  1. To help painting solid white quicker try basecoating it with Astronomican Grey first. The grey will cover in one coat, and the white will also probably cover in one coat, maybe two, but it will be nice and solid.

  2. Not a bad idea - I'll try it on the next dude. Thanks!