Monday, 20 September 2010

Black and White

As promised*, here's my slightly dodgy how to paint Sons of Malice with an even dodgyer method!

First of all, paint it black:

Yes, all of it. I've started getting cosy with Vallejo Game colour black. Smells really wierd, but it goes on beautifully!
Second, paint half of it skull white - it looks really nasty. Top left, bottom right white. The bottom white section carries over the belt - it just seems to balance it better with the back pack.

As a side note, the two guys on the right are over paints of a small SM army I picked up for a bargain. They form most of the Dev squad, and half of the assault marines.
Back on target... There will be a second coat of white coming tomorrow. But now, back to work!

* Now I've got four followers *waves* I've actually got to follow up on the blithely made promises!

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