Thursday, 11 November 2010

ManFlu - it's real

I feel like crap. I've had this damned cold for 2 weeks now, and I keep getting knocked down again. Bah!

I've not been entirely negligent of my painting etc, but it's definetly slowed down a fair bit. I ended up completly building the High Elves from t'North, barring the purchase of the Island of Blood box - painting it will more likely take ages, but at least I'll have a relatively effective fantasy army...

Archmage, level 4

Noble/Prince on steed


20-30 Seaguard

20-30 Seaguard

10 Archers

5 Dragon princes

8ish Silver helms

20 total Sword masters (exact unit size/s to be determined)

5 Shadow warriors

Great Eagle

3 Reaper Bolt throwers

All this comes to around 2000 - 2750, depending on items and banners. I've put to together several versions around this basic idea, points and magic stuff will hopefully be decided through experience! I'm painting the first 5 dudes, and as soon as I'm happy, I'll throw up some pics/

I'm also slowly working my way through the Sons of Malice - I've finished the Devestator squad, chugging away on the assault squads, and I'm working on the first 3 terminators... There's more... everything on those guys, and I'm having to modify painting techniques a bit.

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  1. Pretends Bruce Willis kicks the ass of whatever is kicking yours- soon!