Friday, 7 January 2011

Queue the montage!

Rightio - I've paid my money, 30th January see's the Cut'n'Thrust Wargaming Crusade tournament. 1750, scenario's out of the book.

The trouble is that I don't know what to take! 2 big questions:

Whats Good?
What can I get ready in time?

So, I own half painted or complete armies for Eldar, all flavours of Dark Angels, Tau, and Sons of Malice. No chance of getting Imperial Guard or Orks ready, so I'll exclude them. I think we'll put aside the Dark Angels too - they can be good - but I I need to alot of work to get them up to that level. Deathwing are great fun, put so underpowered right now, I'll look elsewhere.
Tau - I can see how they're supposed to be good. I can see how they're supposed to work. I do my best to make them work like that. But that's no good if they HATE ME!!!
I had a 1750 game last night against Eldar, and my dice failed. Game over after the my first turn of ineptness. Bah.
That has put me off using them to be honest - it's a real shame, as it's my only finished painted army! I've got one more chance next week to test a list before I have to hand in the list. Do I persevere with the tau? or do I try something different?

Eldar - I don't think I can use them - I need to paint a couple of wave serpents and a bunch of dudes. At the rate I paint those damned falcon chasis I'll never be done in time! Plus, and this is probably why I won't use them, I haven't played them in a good 6 years!

Sons of malice. Do I use them as Bloodies, or Wolfies? I've had a couple of games as blood angels, and I'm not completly happy with my grasp of the subtleties of dropping the right squads in the right places. I need alot more practice (see a pattern here?). Plus I need to paint quite a few dudes including the difficult Vanguard vets and honour guard.
Woolfies - I can see how they're supposed to work. A bit like squishy, more numurous, and more deadly Deathwing. To be honest I'm swinging this way.
I think I'll be able to paint all the needed dudes in time, and I think I've decided on the model for the thunderwolves.
I'll get everything ready for next thursday, and I guess I'll make a decision next week!

P.S Sorry for the monologue - I thought it might help?

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  1. Well you don't have much time. It is scenarios out of the book so I would look at your play style and see how that fits into the scenarios. If you are all about the charge and smash then Wolves are the way to go. You could also use your Sons of Malice as a generic SM army. If you are more about the shooty then Tau. Your dice will always fail you when you need them.

    It comes down to what do you think will fit your play style and what do you think you will have ready (painted completely) by Jan 30.