Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Saragarhi Day

A bit of a two-for-one today, another 'find' I'm afraid as I haven't really got my life together enough to dream up anything that passes as original content.

1) Badass of the Week
Funny, well researched as far as I can tell, and highly educational. Tongue in cheek mini bio's of characters, animals, things, both real and fictional - the only rule.... They're all Badass. Favourites I've read so far include M3, and a bit of a hero for me, Nikolai Tesla.

2) 21 Sikhs
Today is the 12th September*, and on that day 1897 21 Sikhs held out to the last man in a mud walled fortlette Saragarhi in nothern India against a ravenning hoard of at least 10,000 armed Asians.
They held out long enough to warn the more substantial forts to either side, and for the British regiments to do their thing. Since then the day has been celebrated by Sikhs, and perhaps randomly, the British and Indian Polo teams.

* I'm increasingly discounting coincidences - as in they aren't really coincidences.

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