Monday, 19 October 2009

Another Year... And food!

Last Thursday was my birthday. I was off ill from work and lounged in front of the TV. Sigh... Not the most pleasant way of spending my 'special day'. The girlfriend took us out for dinner because I was feeling a bit better.
Our favourite Chinese which is conveniently less than 10 minutes drive away, a place called The China Garden in Whitminster. They give you a small bowl of nice prawn crackers for free which is nice. And most of the food is excellent, though the noodles we had seemed a little overdone that night.
Ribs are beatifully done, the wanton soup was good she said, then we had duck. Main was beef with black pepper and red wine sauce, nice, a bit too rich though. Second main (we share) was deed fried chicken in plum sauce which was delicious.
Didn't fancy any of the desserts, this place's weak point, so we stopped off at Tesco and picked up a cheap 'happy birthday' cake. Mmmm... Sugary.

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