Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bobbing Corks

Aah, the wonders of modern technology. I'm sitting in the departure lounge of Cork airport in Ireland, blogging. It's a nice enough airport, lots of wood, plenty of (slightly uncomfortable) seats, and *woot* free wi-fi for the budding business traveller.

As a cork rises in the waves it also falls...

There's a problem with Cork airport that I'm discovering. Well, two actually.

It's on a hill, in the middle of relatively low grounds, and not too far from the coast... And I can't see more than 50 feet out the windows. It's foggy, real pea souper. And apparently this happens alot! Who's idea was it to build an international airport (brand new, many millions of Euro) in a place that regularly gets fog?! Bah!

Second problem, is that nowhere does it say that my flight has been delayed. We should have taken off 10 minutes ago. It's been flashing in big green letters Go to your gate. Wohoo! We're now boarding as I write.

Addendum: I was in the process of pointing out that nowhere on any of the screens did it say that any flights were delayed, only an announcer every 15 minutes for specific flights (not mine), and a bit observation of the actual departure times Vs scheduled departure times on past flights to see they were delayed by 10 minutes to over an hour. Luckily my flight took off within half an hour... Still quite annoying, as I'm going to be flying through there a few times in the next couple of months.

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