Monday, 26 October 2009

Pearls from the dredged interweb

I was knocking around, as I often am, when I re-found the link to an excellent 'water' article focused on the Grey Knights. While a little old (2007) it is a brilliant bit of theory, and quite applicable in any edition, and any game.

The way of the water warrior., Reactive warfare as applied to the Grey Knights.

This works for Grey Knights, Deathwing, and any other high model impact, low model count mobile army. New Space Wolves and some Eldar builds come to mind.

'Competative' VS 'Fun' is a fashionable topic at the moment - what use to be called 'beardy' army design, and WAAC players, derised at a local level and on the net a few years ago, has now turned into a huge debate across blogs and forums.

My personal view is similar to some people like Stelek - going into a tournament, bring your A game - you can be a nice guy while tabling your oponent. Going into your local club, find out if you're playing a 'fun' game or an A game - you will probably know your oponents well enough to agree before hand, or internally rated that person as a 'Beer and pretzels' or WAAC player.

As far as I'm concerned, WAAC is trying to win - no cheating, no rules twisting, just bringing your filthiest, hardest army. Of course army is only half of the issue...

Playing to Win: Becoming the Champion

An offshoot of this is TFG - they may be a newb or vet who thinks he's got it and rubs it in.

If you want to win, if you want to battle your wits against another player running at 110% - make sure you table him, or indeed get your arse handed to you - with a smile on your face. Be a hard arse, be a WAAC player, but make sure you don't become TFG.

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