Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mr WIPpy, one two miss a few...

Heh, I'm getting good at the dodgy post titles!

Onwards with the seemingly endless how-to... While not working, moping, procastinating etc, I am actually getting on with the rest of the army. I've almost finished the first assault squad. Pics will magically arrive when I've done it.

Ok, now for the missing steps. Below is the result of the black highlighting.

What do you mean you can't tell?! I've mixed up a couple of batches of really dark grey and quite dark grey based on mixing Codex grey and black. I've got a feeling it's too subtle, but I tried highlighting with codex grey and washing it back, and I just didn't like it.

So these are what happens where you block paint Number 1 (the really dark) and line highlight the edges with Number 2 (the just dark). Then a good slosh of Badass black over it.
To be honest I'm still not convinced, but it's good for now, and if I find a better method/colour level, it'll be easy enough to add to what's already down.

Next, I'm still not decided on the weapons colour - I'm tempted by boltgun metal:

Other idea's I've played with are mid grey (kind of goes against the black OR white scheme), dark red (I want it as a really small counter point, and I'm already painting the chest details red) or black white quartered (am I mad, that'd be hell!).

What do you think?

Next, just because I had time, I've finished of his shouting head (Sons of Malice actually battle in silence - I'll say he's just taked a glancing shot to the cod piece) and started the seals.

So, what do you think about the weapons (bolt pistols, chainswords, missile launchers)?


  1. I like it... gives it a slightly "worn" look.

  2. Awww Shucks Loquacious, you're making me blush! I actually painted the chainsword and bolt pistol casings black last night on a triplet of nearly finished assault marines last night... It actually looks good with the boltgun metal details. I'm going to stick with that for the time being, and if I find a better colour I'll just paint over.

  3. I really shouldn't try typing, thinking, or anything else at 9am - brain, eyes and fingers just aren't connected yet!