Monday, 25 October 2010


Yes, yes I know I said I'd have the full unit painted and finished with pics for you wonderful, wonderful forgiving people...

Look, I played fantasy on Thursday night, my Goblin army verses Warriors of Chaos. I knew that Gobbo's aren't competative. I knew this was likely to be an uphill struggle, if not a solid defeat. I was bitch slapped off the table in 4 turns.

The bolt throwers did bugger all.
The fanatics were relatively fantastic.
The shaman twins blocked all of his magic that mattered, and I got off a genius Gork'll fix it. 6's to 1's on his Phat unit? Booyaa!
40 archers did absolutly nothing - literally!

All his units managed to get ward saves of one sort or another (damn those shrines!) and hell did he know how to roll them.

Warriors of Chaos, even when reduced down to one active phase (no shooting, 2 level 3's shut down his magic phase) - combat, he wiped me off the board. Not good, people.

So I looked at my large collection of Stuff...

Sons of Ulthuan to the rescue! With the purchase of the Island of Blood box, I'll have a complete 2400 point army*. I've built my first unit of Seaguard, and tinkering with a colour scheme. Something... Watery.

* What?! Yes, my collection of stuff includes several 'most of an army's, bought on a whim or as a bargain. Sad, isn't it?

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  1. heh. at least you have "most of" armies. I'm still painting someone else's in hopes some day I'll get my own!