Monday, 2 August 2010

Spoils of War Rectification part 2a

Right - the painful part. I didn't do quite as well as I'd hoped using:
Shas'o MP PR
2X2 Fireknives
2 Deathrains
3 Stealthsuits
2x 6 Firewarriors
2 x10 Kroot + 4 hounds
2 x 6 Pathfinders w Devilfish
2 melta Piranhas
3 Broadsides
2 Hammerheads
Drones smattered in logical places

Broadly based on the Stelek bubblewrap hybrid theory, this was everything I could scrape together or kitbash to make up 2000.

Game 1: 1000 Vs Imperial Guard
Right, first game was my choice of player (I didn't see the army before hand... May have chosen differently?). He chose standard deployment and I chose D3+2 objective mission.

Deployment - green things are objectives.

His army was pretty much all infantry platoons with as many heavy bolters and lascannons as he could squeeze in. Two autocannon sentinels went into reserve. Que the start of theme for the weekend, I think I killed a sentinel and a 10 man squad. 5 turns, thats it. He knocked out the pathfinders early on. I hugged cover and took as many potshots as I could.

About turn 4. Lone remianing Deathrain with flamer trying his luck.

In the end, 6 firewarriors in an imobilised devilfish sat on the objective at the back right, an outflanking kroot squad claimed the objective left center, suits contested his left objective, and a weaponless piranha contested his center. This was at the end of turn 5, and a 3+ would have seen me knocked off the two contested objectives. He rolls... It's cocked! He rolls again... It's a 1.

Fa'MaGed'on 4 Points.

I was relieved; he was a good sport, but the frustration of knowing he'd have won with another turn was clear!

Lesson 1, unlearned: when you can see 100 near naked humans and you're mostly well protected, get up close and kick him.

Lesson 2, disruption pods are priceless.

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