Thursday, 5 August 2010

Spoils of War Rectification part 2b

Ok, after lunch* we had game two, 1500 points.

In the previous round team Epsilon (go the good guys!) didn't do that well, I headed towards a decent looking table with plenty of good lanes of fire while providing plenty of cover for jump-shoot-jump antics. It was an intact cityscape**.

His army was fairly hard, but I figured I could give it a good run:

Khorne Prince with wings
3x8 Khorne Bezerkers plus rhino's (havoc launchers)
2x2 Obliterators
And I think a 3 man terminator squad, but I'm not sure.

He chose table quarter deployment, I chose 3 objectives (the badly painted white and silver dudes in this game). I deployed standard bubblewrap, he hid everything where he could.

I think I went first, popped one rhino (the bezerkers hid) and imobilised another. And this is where the realisation dawned that I'd probably lose this game. The buildings count as vehicles, armour 12, with access points, shooting points and on half of them, roof hatches. I now hate buildings.
He'd placed to oblits on a building in his back corner, and when I tried to shoot them, I couldn't. Because they're in a building/vehicle. I could, and did blow up the building, but it took alot of shots which should have been shooting closer scary stuff. See the ruin in the first picture.

End of my turn 1 I think.

He jumped his scary prince a building closer, took some pot shots, killed a few kroot. Drove the rhino through the gap (see next picture). Hid the disembarked Bezerkers in a building.

Do I bother to shoot the buildings and try to get out the bezerkers, or shoot at the stuff I can see? That was a decision I had to make, and he took advantage of.

I blocked the Rhino scooting close with the piranhas (hate the model, love the function!) and blew it up. Couldn't get anything in to shoot the prince, and failed to appreciate the function of Wings.

End of my second turn I think.

Next turn he moves the prince into the convenient gap I left him behind the kroot and in front of the broadsides. Crap. He kills the piranhas, plus assorted shooting. To be honest on this board the obliterators didn't seem to do much. They were annoying, difficult to kill, and killed some stuff, but they're not great. He charges the Prince into the afformentioned broadsides and wipes them out in a roll. Never mind eh? Lesson learned. He also manages to charge one of the kroot squads with the closest squad, leaving one alive (he runs, and kills a bezerker shooting over his shoulder, neat!)

Turn 3 or 4?

The rest was a bit of a blur, I killed the deamon prince in one turn of shooting with whatever I had, moved the piranha drones for some blocking, didn't really manage much.

Basically at the call of time (turn 5 I think) he claimed two objectives with the bezerker squad at the back, stretched. I contest the closest one. I was so busy playing keep away that I forgot I had some speed to contest his objective, but it probably wouldn't have helped much.

He won, got a +1 on the special table condition, I got 0.

Nice guy, used the table well to his advantage. I was more annoyed with the table than him.

Don't play with buildings when you're a shooting army.
Remember your mobility
Things with wings can fly

* The catering and support people deserve more of a mention that a page note. The brownies were sooooooo good.

** Oh how I wish I paid more attention in class.


  1. Hi, Nice battlereports, I'm glad you had fun at our campaign weekend! Its pretty good for a first event I think.

    I'm Al, one of the committee members of the Vanguard, I stumbled over your site while mooching around for other after action reports and pics!

    I posted up a few battlereports of the weekend from the (unsuccessful) view of Team Space Marine over here;

    Theres a few more pictures popping up on the club's forum linked from our website.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Hymirl. I'm posting the battles as I can, unfortunatly I wished I'd taken more photos. In the heat of battle I often forgot.