Friday, 6 August 2010

Spoils of War Rectification part 2c

A brief break followed game two where Team Epsilon (go the good guys!) consolled each other and apparently did quite well! Apart from me that is. Boo.

Game 3, I got to choose the table - I thought the ice world look was cool, some cover, plenty of shooty space. I sat down and a nice canadian chap joined me. From team Aquilla (Imperial Guard).

I chose normal deployment, he chose kill points. Cool I thought, we both suffer killpoint hemorraging right?

At 2000 points, he had 7 Chimeras, 2 LR battletanks, 9 Sentinels, a vendetta, and a boss squad with psycher and orbital barrage calling guy.

I'm not going to go into detail with this one. Because it hurts.

1) I made the mistake (not learned from game 1 against guard) that the trick is to take the fight to them. They were all outside of the transports, no cover, and I had the firewarriors and kroot to do a half decent amount of damage. I didn't do this of course.

2) I couldn't do diddly.
I miss.
I fail to wound.
I can't make a coversave or disruption pod save. I tried to buy new dice, but nobody would sell me any!

This is the second to last turn.

I shot some stuff, charged in with the kroot in an attempt to maybe do something. Lost 7 to 1 I think.

He was a great oponent, had a great attitude, the army had some great oldskool guard and he had obviously lavished some care.

We both agreed after the second turn that the dice gods were firmly on his side.

It was just one of those games, y'know?

Lesson learned - Guard are juicy and fragile, go beat them.